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Sincron Srl - NDIA Project in Qatar, Doha International Airport

New Doha International Airport (NDIA) is an international airport currently under construction in Doha, capital of Qatar. NDIA was slated to replace the old Doha International Airport as Qatar’s only international airport in 2009. These are some pictures taken during my trip in Qatar.

I have successfully configured AdRem NetCrunch for monitoring NTP network service and Time Server a well. Critical events like GPS receiver not synchronized, GPS Antenna is broken, power supply unit fails have been proprely configured in order to generate notification messages.

"I would highly recommend Antonio Di Maio for his outstanding service". Furio Baronicino, Sincron Sistemi Srl



Polish Government Institution

First of all, I would like to thank you for the high-quality legal support offered.

Ms Julita Mortka worked with me to develop a commercial IT agreement. From the very start she was very helpful and all activities were made with reference to our needs, carefully, scrupulous and with full professionalism.

In case of any other legal issues I will surely contact her in future.


Dorota Salamon, DJ Progress S.A.

I needed a legal advice regarding my situation as a stockholder in jointstock company.

Ms Julita Mortka has shown experience as well as high professionalism during our collaboration; she made a scrupulous analysis of my situation, always offering legal suggestion and appropriate solutions with respect to time frames as well as budget. She has been wonderful and always available to answer my questions via email and phone.

I have developed a trusting and positive relationship with her that's why I would highly recommend Julita Mortka to all my foreign friends!



Robert Alabrese, Euoropean Commission

Special thanks goes to Consuldimo's engineers who have supported us to set up every aspect of the monitoring station providing a valuable support for identifying the proper MIB objects to monitor.

We have been evaluating many network monitoring tools but only NetCrunch was very intuitive and easy to use. We are now able to track the entire network from a single point of administration as well as monitoring the multicast traffic on switches (IGMP Snooping and PIM).


Sonia Orkisz, Maspex Wadowice Group

Working with Ms. Julita Mortka throughout its duration passed very well. She was always involved in all projects undertaken by the company.

Demonstrated creativity, rapid assimilation of knowledge and effectiveness. Ms. Julita Mortka dealt mainly with corporate tasks, including support for the companies from Group, preparation documents for shareholders meetings, transformation of legal form of companies, analysis of economic agreements as well as issues related to unfair competition. During work period, has held numerous training courses including of business negotiations, intellectual property, tax, food labeling and more.

Carlo Lando, Minister of Italian Defence

Dear Di Maio, this morning I looked over your material. The videos are very explanatory and definitely impressive. Fantastic, you're definitely on the right path!


PHS Srl, Lino Iovine

If you are planning to start up a new business you don't just need a capital but people to trust with.

Consuldimo is a creative group of professional people able able to break down large goals with a strong ability to execute and gets things done. I am pleased to recommend Consuldimo to anyone who is looking to build a strong and long-term business relationship.


Zucchetti Spa

Consuldimo goes above and beyond the norm and takes great care to be both punctual and precise. Consuldimo's staff is able to complete the work earlier than the timeframe given by the client offering solutions quickly.

In their way of handling things, they peer into the needs of the client, without hiding in anyway, their endless enthusiasm, using it to produce tangible solutions for the customer.

Flavio Ferri, WPP

There is just not enough I can say, I think that the head of your group should know how you work with your clients, the story is not about our success, but your story of the success in the way you help your customers.


Ela Mistachowicz, AdRem Software VP

Consudimo consultants have this unique capability of being able to wear many hats without loosing concentration on the strategic goal.

We have cooperated for over 3 years and I found it fascinating to see how fast they learned the technical details of the product and were able to present it to our potential customers, and provide pre- and after- sales technical support. During the cooperation with our company sales level on the Italian market increased almost 400%



Conforama Italia business is supported by a typical MPLS network that is best suited for the company with the main office located in Vergiate, the warehouse in north Italy and 15 remote sites throughout the country. The sites are separated by the firewall and connected via two MPLS routers, primary and a backup one. A special thanks goes to Mr. Antonio Di Maio who has followed us since the first configuration of the system. He was always available and patient showing a deep knowledge of the proposed network monitoring solution.


Flavio Ferri, Banca Sara Assicurazioni

Banca Sara is the twelfth-largest financial advisers' network in Italy. << I think at this point we can get past the formalities and call each other by first name. Your emails are not just priceless but are even more than that. If only everyone handled themselves the way you do they would be so much more successful. >>


Stefano Bruzzi, Esaote

A valuable support was provided by Di Maio who showed us also to be properly skilled on HL7/DICOM network medical protocols a combination of factors which made easy our job and allowed us to run our NMS in a very short time.


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